Adventure Vikings Environmental Policy:

Sustainable tourism – mission statement:

At Adventure Vikings, as a part of our environmental policy, we have made it our mission to protect the Icelandic nature along with the animals, organisms and the people that live in the destinations that you travel to, with us. We are blessed with incredibly beautiful, untouched nature and we want to do everything we can to keep it that way.

At Adventure Vikings, environmental issues are at the forefront of all our activities and all staff, including tour guides and managers, are aware of the importance of respecting the nature and how to pass through it without hurting it. Our main goal is to become among the leading companies in Icelandic travel industry when it comes to quality of service, safety and sustainability.


Our “Leave nothing behind” policy:

We have a strict policy about leaving nothing behind on our tours and excursions. Adventure tourism has been known to take its toll on nature and we do not want to be in that group. We inform all our staff of the importance of taking all waste with them after each tour. Even if the waste was brought with someone else, it is important to dispose of that as well and always recycle what is possible.


What we strive for:

  • Adventure Vikings staff is informed of the companies environmental policy and general sustainability.
  • Environmental policy mission statement is reviewed every two years and all staff is brought together to go over any updates etc.
  • Staff informs participants of Adventure Vikings environmental policies and notifies them that they can leave their waste with them and we will dispose of it for them and recycle what we can.
  • Staff are required to dispose of any waste in the area and recycle all recyclable materials. Staff are to inform all participants of our “leave nothing behind” policy and how to apply it.
  • Guides make stops at local suppliers and local farmers to help support the community.
  • Limited printing at the office, printing only when necessary. We are in the process of making the signing of our “Liability forms” electronic as well.
  • We accept e-vouchers, no printing of vouchers necessary.
  • On hikes and excursions passengers are encouraged to stay on trail to minimize the environmental impact.
  • Ensure that no contaminants come in contact with waters or any other place in nature.
  • Staff should never have vehicles on when unnecessary.
  • Staff uses reusable glasses for passengers on tours.


Vakinn Quality Accreditation:

Vakinn is the official quality and environmental system within Icelandic tourism and we are extremely happy to have been awarded the Vakinn Bronze Class Environmental Certificate. To be awarded the environmental certificate from Vakinn we had to meet the comprehensive assessment criteria and be qualified to earn the right for the label.