Cold & Hot SPA TOUR

Immerse yourself in a world of wonder – in the perfect combo of adventure and wellness.
Snorkel in the crystal clear glacial water in Silfra fissure – then warm up in the Sky Lagoon for the ultimate Cold and Hot experience!
Silfra fissure is one of the top dive sites in the world, situated in Thingvellir National Park, only about 50 kilometers from Reykjavik. You can either head to the Sky Lagoon after the tour or move your reservation for another time and day that suits your travel plans best!
Nestled on a stark, stunning coastline, Sky Lagoon feels a world away from everyday life. Iceland’s newest geothermal lagoon honors centuries-old bathing culture, embracing the warmth of a people tied closely to sea, sky and the power locked deep within the land.
For centuries, Icelanders have trusted the calming, healing effects of geothermal water to help make them one of the happiest people on earth. Our 7-step rejuvenating Sky Ritual brings this culture to life for every guest and is included in the Sky Lagoon experience.  Pure Pass includes admission, the Sky Ritual and public change facilities.
Take part in the Ritual
For centuries, Icelanders have trusted the calming,
healing effects of geothermal water to help make them
one of the happiest people on earth. Sky Ritual brings
this culture to life for every guest.

Contact the Sky Lagoon via if you´d like to visit them at another time and/or day with at least 24 hour notice. For short notice its better to give them a call as they might take a few days to answer emails. +354-527-6800.


09:00 Silfra time & 16:30 Sky Lagoon
10:30 Silfra time & 17:30 Sky Lagoon
12:00 Silfra time & 18:30 Sky Lagoon
13:30 Silfra time & 19:30 Sky Lagoon
15:00 Silfra time & 19:30 Sky Lagoon – May Month
15:00 Silfra time & 20:30 Sky Lagoon – From June

09:30 Silfra time & 17:30 Sky Lagoon
12:30 Silfra time & 19:30 Sky Lagoon

Silfra fissure exists due to the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates separating around 2 centimeters a year – leaving a rift in the landscape between them.  This rift is filled with glacial water from Langjökull glacier that has been filtered through lava fields for decades before reaching Silfra – making the water exceptionally clear and drinkable.
The water in Silfra is 2-4 degrees Celsius.  Our guides are all very experienced PADI divemasters or instructors and with will provide you with all the gear you need and undergarments to wear under the dry suit. Hot chocolate is served after the tour.

Drysuit snorkeling 
Wearing a drysuit makes snorkeling in 2-4 degree Celsius (35 degree Fahrenheit) water achievable – without experiencing the cold. With a thermal undergarment and the protection of the drysuit, you manage to stay dry and warm.

Wetsuit snorkeling 
For our more daring and adventurous participants, who are after the ultimate Icelandic snorkeling experience, we usually recommend snorkeling in a wetsuit. You will have more mobility and are able to dive a little under the surface to explore Silfra up close and personal.

Not sure on which suit to go with? Take a look at our blog post wetsuit vs. drysuit to help you decide.

This is a self drive tour only – pick up is not an option

Sky Lagoon admission can be amended to another day and/or time that suits your travel plans best with 24 hour notice. 

What is Included:

  • Hot chocolate for snorkeling
  • All snorkeling equipment
  • Underwater snorkeling photos
  • National park fee – Silfra entry fee
  • English speaking guide
  • Pure Pass admission to Sky Lagoon

Start time in Silfra : 

Summer (March – Oct) – 9:00 and 12:00.
– additional tours from June – August – 10:30, 13:30 and 15:00. 

Winter (Nov – Feb) – 09:30 and 12:30 

Please note that this is the meeting time at Thingvellir, Silfra car park 

Park your car at “Thingvellir P5” and walk 400m back along the road until you reach a smaller car park with all the snorkel and dive vans, and look for your Adventure Vikings guide. You can also enter “Silfra meeting point” into google maps or P5 Parking Thingvellir.

Please be there, ready to meet your guide 15 minutes before your tour is due to begin.

NB. Its wise to check the weather and road conditions before your tour – especially in winter.  You can find information on and

Getting to Sky Lagoon – Driving from central Reykjavík

From Hlemmur square take Kringlumýrabraut (route 40). Continue on to Kársnesbraut and head to Vesturvör. The drive only takes around 15 minutes from central Reykjavík and parking is free outside Sky Lagoon.


2 – 2,5 hours with briefing and suiting up

30 – 40 minutes snorkeling in Silfra

Stay as long as you like in the Sky Lagoon

Prerequisites for snorkeling:

  • Participants must be physically fit
  • Comfortable in water and be able to swim
  • Make sure to eat breakfast before this activity
  • Be ready to wear a sometimes tight & constricting dry suit
  • Have read, signed, and followed directions on the Silfra Snorkeling Medical Statement
  • Sign our liability release form at the start of the tour
  • 150cm (4’9) tall minimum
  • Maximum 200cm (6’7) tall
  • 50kg (99 lbs) minimum
  • Maximum 120kg (264 lbs)
  • Age limit is 12 years of age
  • Snorkeling in Silfra is not recommended when pregnant.
  • No glasses, so if you have a prescription mask, please bring it with you. If not, we advise you to get contact lenses before you join us for snorkeling.

Minimum participants: 2 – full refund is provided if minimum is not met

Maximum participants: 6 people per guide in Silfra

If someone in your group does not snorkel but wants to visit the spa with you, you can book them with the Sky Lagoon with us via email.

What to bring to Silfra

We will provide you with all necessary gear required for snorkeling in Silfra. You will however have to bring:

  • Warm clothes to wear prior and after the snorkeling
  • Swimwear and towel if you choose wetsuit snorkeling
  • Base layer / thermals if you choose to snorkel in a dry suit 
  • Woolen socks – two pairs, one to wear under the suit and one for after
  • Camera – you can rent a GoPro camera by us
  • Swimwear for Sky Lagoon – towels are provided 

Extras available for snorkeling 

GoPro   –   6900 kr ISK.

Rent a GoPro and you will receive an SD card with your footage to take home straight after your tour – makes sure to let your guide know before the tour if you rented a GoPro!

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