Surf and SUP rental equipment First day Additional days

 Surfboard (including leach) 8.000 ISK 3.000 ISK
 SUP board (including leach)8.000 ISK3.000 ISK
 SUP paddle3.000 ISK1.000 ISK
 Bodyboard4.000 ISK1.000 ISK
 Wetsuit (including hood)
(not available at the moment)
8.000 ISK 3.000 ISK
 Neoprene shoes 2.000 ISK1.000 ISK
 Neoprene gloves 2.000 ISK1.000 ISK
 Neoprene hood2.000 ISK 1.000 ISK
 Bodyboard Fins2.000 ISK 1.000 ISK

Please email for all rental requests and to schedule a time to collect the gear at least 24 hours beforehand. Our office is closed on weekends.

If a surf fin breaks, a fee of ISK 7000 kr will be charged. 15% discount for all who have completed SURF.IS surf school or SUP courses from SUP Iceland