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We often get the question on which suit to go with – Wetsuit or Drysuit? In reality, this all comes down to your preference, along with your ability to bear a little cold.

First off we’d like to note that if you’re going with a group, you don’t all need to wear the same type of suit. Just make two separate bookings, one for the ones who choose drysuits and another for those who choose wetsuits. If you make sure the bookings are on the same day and at the same time, you will be snorkeling together.


Snorkeling in Silfra Iceland

Stay nice and warm, floating in the drysuit



If you choose a drysuit, you can wear normal clothing underneath the suit, but we do recommend that you wear long sleeves and warm socks. Just make sure it is something comfortable like fleece, thin wool or a sweat suit – we definitely don’t recommend jeans. The drysuit does keep you nice and warm and most importantly it keeps you dry – however, in a drysuit you are unable to free dive, as you somewhat float on the surface.




Snorkeling in Silfra

Get the ultimate experience and dive underneath the surface of Silfra in a wetsuit


In a wetsuit you have the opportunity to dive a little underneath the surface of Silfra to explore this natural wonder up close. You will have to wear a bathing suit underneath as there is always a little water that leaks through the suit. Your bodyheat then heats this water up fairly quickly within the suit. You’ll definitely have more mobility in the wetsuit, being able to move around properly and more freely. Note the water temperature at Silfra is 2-4 degrees Celsius all year around – which makes for around 35-39 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, only those comfortable with a little cold from the freezing glacier water should go for the wetsuit. In saying that, most people who decide to go for a wetsuit on even the coldest days do absolutely great.



No matter what suit you go for, Silfra is absolutely amazing and you can’t go wrong with one or the other. Most importantly: have fun and enjoy the magic of Silfra!


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