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Drysuits – what you need to know.

One of the most commonly asked question by our customers is “What is the difference between a wetsuit and a drysuit?” and we actually have a whole different article just about that. Another very commonly asked question is “Will I stay dry in a drysuit?” and to get directly to the point the simple answer is yes, you do stay dry in a drysuit.

First thing you need to know regarding the drysuit is that everything that happens in the drysuit stays in the drysuit! So kindly be smart and use the toilet prior to putting the drysuit on. With the suit being rather big and bulky, taking it off cause you suddenly get the urge that you need to use the bathroom, is very time consuming and can be easily avoided.

Three different layers.

When you wear a drysuit, you are wearing 3 different layers of gear. 1st your own thermal undergarments such as long-johns, long sleeve shirt and a pair or two of thick/wool socks. 2nd a zipped thermal undergarment overall provided by us. 3rd and finally the drysuit made from neoprene also provided by us in addition of neoprene hoodie and gloves. Most of our drysuits also have some latex parts such as wrist and neck seals.

To simplify things even further we have made a special drysuit video filmed in a beautiful Icelandic winter location. Though before you push the play button, here are few additional good advises that we can give you.

-Please remove jewellery and wrist-watches before putting the suit on.
-For sanitary reasons please do not wear makeup.
-If your thermals have thumb loops then don’t use them.
-It is alright if the rubber boots on your drysuit are a size or two too large.
-The neoprene material can rip if over-stretched and is extremely hard to repair. Kindly ask for help if in any doubt and be specially careful if you have long fingernails.
-Staff will zip/close up the drysuits for you.
-Neck and wrist seals can be wide and staff might have to add extra collars or rubber-bands additionally for those seals.
-Drysuits are super buoyant and will make you float on the surface. Using life-vest when in a drysuit is not needed.

After the snorkeling our staff will unzip the drysuit and help you get it off. Please kindly be patient and let our staff help you as that is both the easiest way and the fastest way of getting the drysuit off.